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How to grill the perfect steak
How to grill the perfect steak

We’ve all been there: buyer’s remorse.

We have big plans for cooking the best steak ever out on the grill. You thought you cooked it perfectly, and it would be delicious, with your family applauding you on making the best steak ever! Then you take that first bite. It’s tough. It’s flavorless. And sadly, most of it ends up in the garbage can soon after dinner. Disappointment at its finest. Did you screw it up? Or did your steak just suck? Well, let us take a few minutes to figure it out and see if I can help you make the most of your grilling experience. Read More

3 Triggers for Predicting the Walleye Spawn
3 Triggers for Predicting the Walleye Spawn

Wisconsinites chase walleyes throughout the year like kids chase ice cream trucks.

We are obsessed!

Walleye are prized for their firm, white flesh and mild, delicate flavor, making them a popular game fish for recreational anglers and commercial fishermen alike. Read More

For the Love of Fishing - 4 Items that will earn you brownie points this Valentine's Day by Carrie Zylka
For the Love of Fishing – 5 Items that will earn you brownie points this Valentine’s Day

Lots of people ice fish, but so many more people open water fish.

I absolutely love hardwater fishing but when I look outside at the -8 degree weather, I’ll admit I’m ready for some sunshine!

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and there’s still time to order a loved one something that will get them excited for warmer days. Read More

7 Tips to Successfully Hunt Public Lands

Hello again outdoors world! Just in case you have been hiding under a rock somewhere the past month, hunting season is here! Millions of people are now venturing afield in search of game big and small. I am not any different than most of the hunters out there, and I am usually stuck hunting public lands. After a couple decades of learning I have developed many different tricks to hunting public lands and I have decided to let you in on how I have had lots of success doing so. Read More

How to Sleep Warm Diagram HuntFishTravel
How to Sleep Warm Diagram

I know winter is still in full swing for some of you in the northern states, for many of us winter camping is a special time. I’ve been a few times and of course the challenge is always to stay warm while sleeping. Read More

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