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The Challenge:

Increase brand visibility with the target audience, without going over budget.

The Solution:

Partner with an innovative, social media savvy, established podcast host and blogging team, reaching a dedicated listenership on a weekly basis.


The Facts:

On Demand Radio.

On Demand Talk Show.

  • 46 million Americans listen to podcasts every month.
  • Statistically 67% of podcast listeners don’t mind sponsorship messages compared to 6% of television or radio listenership.
  • Podcast listeners will be technologically savvy, they are tech aware, social media friendly and well connected online. They’ll be more likely to visit your website, like your facebook page and follow you on Twitter.


54% male                Age 0 – 34: 13%     Age 35 – 55 29%         Age 56+ 9%

46% female             Age 0 – 34: 19%     Age 35 – 55 28%         Age 56+ 2%

94% are English speaking with 88% residing in the United States.

Unique Interests:

Travel 50%                        Adventure 31%                  Camping 24%

Fishing 28%                       Climbing 4%

Benefits of Partnering with Carrie Zylka

  • Website receives approximately 25,000+ unique visitors a month
  • Podcast downloads – 10,000+ downloads/month
  • Additional channel downloads – 12,000/month

Social Media Reach:

  • Monthly impressions: 875,000
  • Followers across all platforms: 94,000



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