#HuntFishTravel 043 – South Dakota Merriams AGLOW Mega Media Cast and Blast

In this episode we’ll have an interview recorded before I left for SD with Lee Harstad from the Deadwood Chamber of Commerce and Nort Johnson from the Black Hills, Badlands & Lakes Assn who will tell me what I should expect from the upcoming trip.  Then we’ll get the low down from various participants on what actually happened…..

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4 thoughts on “#HuntFishTravel 043 – South Dakota Merriams AGLOW Mega Media Cast and Blast

  1. I would think wearing a mask in the Black Hills would get you in trouble most days, but hey since your CarrieZ after those challenging spring thundering gobblers wearing a complete camo outfit it will certainly fit right in. Good luck on your hunt.and awesome podcast

  2. I’ve been out to Deadwood for a vacation but never thought about hunting there. Might have to check it out after all those deer you saw! Sounds like a target rich enviroment!

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