#HuntFishTravel 50 – Hijacked!

The show is hijacked by a bunch of bearded dudes!


For Sparta! And beards!!

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5 thoughts on “#HuntFishTravel 50 – Hijacked!

  1. I have been meaning to tell you that I love you both your podcasts as often as you put them out. I, particularly like the informative episodes like you did with the Moultrie Podcast Host Boyd and the hunting/adventures reports/tales you do with Kristen Monroe as always great too. You get along with her so good and your stories together is so funny you need to bring her back once a month or at least every two months because you both are a absolute “hoot” to listen too! I also like it a lot to hear about your own personal hunting stores as well. Plus you need to let (your friends) the Bowdudes know they suck for disappearing for over 5 months now!

  2. Absolutely hilarious Carrie, you guys rocked this episode and I can not wait to see what you come up with for the 100.

  3. Thanks so much Griff for the wonderful comment! It’s listeners like you that keep me doing this! I’m sure we’ll have Kristen on again and I agree…..what’s up with those BowDudes ????? 🙂

  4. As someone who absolutely loves hairy men, I just love this podcast! Great job to all!

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