Have you met my friend Mia? She’s pretty awesome…

Women’s Outdoor Media Association Announces

I don’t have a lot of friends.

I just don’t.  Friendships require a lot of work and can create a lot of stress in your life when you’re already being pulled in 100 different directions. It’s pretty rare that I let anyone in.

The outdoor industry however, has introduced me to some of the best people on earth. People with the same values, passions, ambition and also the same time constraints.

It’s always amazing that you can form a strong friendship with someone you see once a year…if that!

One of my favorite hunts EVER was my Colorado Elk Hunt with Mia in 2017. I prefer to hunt alone but it was Mia and her Husband were the best hosts and sparked a pretty serious love of elk hunting.

Hunt Fish Travel Colorado Elk Hunting with Mia Anstine
Mia and I at about 11,000′ in the San Juan Mountains.

I can’t even remember when I actually met Mia for the first time, but she’s been a strong, positive influence in the outdoor industry, she dedicates so much of her time giving back, she’s a role model for women and of course she earned serious brownie points with me when she launched her podcast MAC Outdoors .

I was so excited to see she’d been presented the WOMA Founder’s Award. Congrats Mia!!


Durango, CO – — The Women’s Outdoor Media Association (WOMA) recently presented Mia Anstine of Durango, CO, with their first-ever WOMA Founder’s Award. The recipient of the WOMA Founder’s Award is recognized for her continued support of shooting sports, hunting, fishing, and archery.

According to WOMA President, Lenee Landis, “We chose Mia to receive the initial WOMA Founder’s Award because of her lifetime commitment to volunteerism and her passion for educating women and juniors to participate in a wide variety of outdoor activities. The premise of this award is to recognize ‘unsung heroes’ who are selfless in devoting their time and ability to engage women in the outdoor lifestyle while building their confidence and teaching them important skills.”

Anstine has volunteered as an instructor at the WOMA’s annual She Never Quit charity event for 5 years, “We also want to recognize that she’s involved as a volunteer for other organizations on local, state and national levels” said Landis. “Mia embodies the generous and passionate spirit required to guide women with a desire to learn more about the outdoors on a journey of self-discovery and success. We’re thrilled to have her on our team and delighted to recognize her dedication by presenting her with our WOMA Founder’s Award.” Landis added.

“It is an honor to receive recognition for my volunteer work and devotion to education,” said Anstine. “While a ‘thank you’ is not necessary, it sure does feel good. I hope this award inspires others to step up and volunteer in the outdoor industry so they too can recognize the fulfillment that comes along with teaching others how special the shooting, hunting, fishing, and outdoor lifestyle is,” she said.

The WOMA Founder’s Award recognizes Anstine’s work at WOMA events as well as her continual contributions via her own company, MAC Outdoors, plus her efforts with the Colorado Sportsman’s Roundtable, Safari Club International, the DC Project, and the many other outreach endeavors she participates in. “Mia is a mentor and has the ability to do it all with patience and a smile; she has made a profound impact on women’s lives,” said Landis.

About Mia Anstine

In addition to being a certified instructor of archery, rifle, pistol, shotgun, and hunter’s education, Anstine is an award-winning outdoor writer, big game outfitting guide, advocate, wife, and mother. Her work has been featured on television, radio, in newspapers, and magazines. As an engaging speaker, commentator, and instructor, Anstine has been featured in numerous interviews. Her passion for influencing others to pursue their outdoor dreams resulted in Anstine being the first American woman (and of Latin descent) featured on the cover of Field & Stream magazine (August, 2016).

About the WOMA Founder’s Award

This award, created in honor of the WOMA founder, Deb Ferns, highlights someone who’s tirelessly taught women and inspired programs to elevate women’s participation, experiences, and abilities in the outdoor world. The WOMA Founder’s Award will be presented each year at the annual She Never Quit charity event. Criteria include but is not limited to; lobbying efforts for wildlife management, being a viable community member in continued education for hunting, fishing, shooting sports, and/or archery, Second Amendment activism, conservation, and a lifelong commitment to bringing more women and youth into the outdoor lifestyle.

About the Women’s Outdoor Media Association

Established in 2008, the Women’s Outdoor Media Association focuses on increasing media coverage of women who are active in traditional outdoor sports, especially shooting, hunting, fishing, and archery. The WOMA is a 501c-7, not-for-profit association with a volunteer board.

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Mia Anstine


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