#HuntFishTravel 170 – Big Buck Hunting Tactics with Tom Indrebo of Bluff Country Outfitters

Big Buck Hunting Tactics with Tom Indrebo

“HuntFishTravel Ep 170 – Big Buck Hunting Tactics with Tom Indrebo of Bluff Country Outfitters”

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Soak up the fantastic info Tom Indrebo delivers in this episode. We cover all sorts of tactics for hunting big bucks, pre-rut, rut and post-rut.
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  • 4:15 How a buck’s personality and habits change from a 1 & 2 year old compared to a 3 & 4 year old
  • 10:15 Safety spots/bedrooms and where the big bucks are during the early season.
  • 13:00 If you’re seeing a bunch of shooter bucks – how to tell if it’s the biggest in the area.
  • 14:30 breeding cycles and when the big bucks are most vulnerable.
  • 15:30 What part of the rut is better for hunting the big bucks.
  • 16:00 What time of year to shoot does.
  • 17:30 Hunting Hub Scrapes & food sources
  • 20:15 Tips for stand placement. And which stand to hunt depending on what time of the year it is.
  • 24:00 The truth about hunting the same stand too much.
  • 26:30 Can you have too many stands on a property?
  • 30:00 deer decoys
  • 31:30 Biggest challenge Tom has faced dealing with clients as an outfitter.
  • 38:00 Everything’s wet – where to hunt?
  • 39:30 The two top keys for hunting the late season.
  • 44:30 Contributing factors to why Buffalo and Trempealeau Counties produce so many P&Y and B&C trophy bucks.
  • 46:45 Hunters from Slovania!
  • 47:00 A typical day at Bluff Country Outfitters
  • 49:30 Turkey and Other Hunts Offered
  • 51:00 Contact info


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3 thoughts on “#HuntFishTravel 170 – Big Buck Hunting Tactics with Tom Indrebo of Bluff Country Outfitters

  1. Thanks Carrie for the great conversation on your podcast. Even though I live in a very different region (Low Country of South Carolina), there are many common issues we share relating to deer behavior and hunting strategies. I always learn something new. Thanks! Maggie

  2. GREAT Podcast this week with Bluff Bucks Outfitters. So much great and useful info for all hunters. Keep up great work.

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