#HuntFishTravel 009 – Outdoor Tradeshows

In this episode we’ll be talking about a clothing line by the son of the famous Glock founder, an ICast debut, and some seriously awesome maritime GPS software.

We’ll discuss SHOT Show kicking ass and taking names and this week’s Guest Spot is written by Fred Mastison, President of Force Options.

  • Must Have Jacket and Pants from Gaston J Glock
  • Wild River Adventure Brand will debut at ICast
  • Boaters Choose Navionics Apps
  • Finally Getting Caught Up

Show Credits:

Fred Mastison – Force Options Dynamic School of Combat


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3 thoughts on “#HuntFishTravel 009 – Outdoor Tradeshows

  1. See you at the Sport Show. Have you considered a mobile app so fans could listen anytime anywhere? How about video so you could show what you are describing? I’ve got some solutions for you. Both you and Pat Kalmerton should team up. He should teach you how to be his inland fishing guide protege! Or maybe you could teach him! LOL

  2. Hi Todd, thanks for the comment. You can listen to my show on Podkicker, Stitcher Radio and ITunes. I do Live Streaming video already.
    Quite frankly I’m not interested in being someone’s “sidekick”. The last two team experiences have left me a bit jaded. I’m more efficient on my own. Plus I’m more of a hunter than a fisherman.
    I do however think Pat should do a hsow, I think he’d do very well!

  3. Carrie:
    Its not evident from your website hoe a person could view your videos.Show me how I can find them.Are they posted on You Tube? They should be it would drive tremendous traffic to your website.
    Todd G

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