Association of Great Lakes Outdoor Writers Recognizes 2015 Awards-In-Craft Winners

I was honored to take home two awards at this year’s Annual AGLOW conference.

Best of Photography / Hunting
1st Place – Carrie Zylka (WI): DIY Solo South Dakota Mule Deer Hunt

2014_10_01 South Dakota Mule Deer Trip (2)

Best of Radio / Fishing
2nd Place – Carrie Zylka (WI): Fishing for Salmon on Kodiak Island

Best of the best honored for outdoor communications work at 59th Annual AGLOW Conference

BROOKLYN CENTER, MN (September 29, 2015) – AGLOW’s 2015 Chevy Trucks’ Awards-In-Craft Competition winners were recognized Tuesday, Sept. 29 during the 59th Annual AGLOW Conference at the Double Tree by Hilton Minneapolis North Hotel in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota. First through third places were awarded in a variety of media divisions and topical categories. Plaques, certificates and cash awards were made possible through sole sponsorship of the competition by Chevy Trucks.


Best of Radio / Fishing
3rd Place – Wally Banfi (WI): Pete Jopke Invasive Species
2nd Place – Carrie Zylka (WI): Fishing for Salmon on Kodiak Island
1st Place – Bob Willging (WI): Summer White House on the Brule


Best of Radio / Hunting
3rd Place – Dan Small (WI): Turkey Hunting with Ray Eye
2nd Place – Jeff Kelm (WI): Training a Deer Dog
1st Place – Bob Willging (WI): Popular Art of Hunting with Live Decoys


Best of Radio / Open
3rd Place – Terry Frey (WI): The Preservation of the Roosevelt Ranch
2nd Place – Barb Carey (WI): League of Adventurous Women
1st Place – Dan Small (WI): Avoiding Electroshock Drowning


Best of TV / Fishing
3rd Place – Don Dziedzina (IL): Drift Fishing the Kankakee River
2nd Place – Dan Small (WI): Junior Coho Derby
1st Place – Jeff Kelm (WI): Operation Tip Up


Best of TV / Hunting
3rd Place – Dan Small (WI): KAMO Youth Deer Hunt!
2nd Place – Mark LaBarbera (WI): Deer Hunt Wisconsin 2014
1st Place – Dan Small (WI): Track Chair Pheasant Hunt


Best of TV / Open
3rd Place – Bill Hilts Jr. (NY): Fort Niagara Historic Fishing
2nd Place – Jeff Kelm (WI): Badger Nationals BMX Races
1st Place – Dan Small (WI): Shipwreck Survivor


Best of Web Communications / Fishing
3rd Place – Dena Woerner (AR): Fish Now, Do Everything Else Later
2nd Place – Dan Stefanich (IL): Ice Fishing Lake of the Woods, A Different Perspective…
1st Place – Chris Young (IL): Support Conservation: Buy Your Fishing License Today


Best of Web Communications / Hunting
3rd Place – Chris Young (IL): Controlled Pheasant Hunting Program
2nd Place – Dan Stefanich (IL): Monster Birds, Morels and Monsoons
1st Place – Chris Young (IL): Sangchris Lake Youth Waterfowl Hunt


Best of Web Communications / Open
3rd Place – Barb Carey (WI): Wolf Camera and the Pike
2nd Place – Dan Stefanich (IL): You’re Not In Kansas Anymore
1st Place – Chris Young (IL): Nipper Wildlife Sanctuary: Wetland Wildlife


Best of Magazine / Fishing
3rd Place – Bill Hilts Jr. (NY): Kayaking- Gaining Momentum by Paddles & Peddles
2nd Place –  Thomas Carney (MI): Spey Casting- One More Trick Up a Fly Fisherman’s Sleeve
1st Place –  Ken Kieser (KS): Sharks of the Boca Grande Pass


Best of Magazine / Hunting
3rd Place – Dan Small (WI): Hunting with “Mr. Goose”
2nd Place – Rich Creason (IN): Savage .410 Ready for Fourth Generation
1st Place – Ken Kieser (MO): Snow Blind Mallards


Best of Magazine / Open
3rd Place – Jeff Helsdon (ON): Logging In
2nd Place – Angelo Peluso (NY): Fish Decoys
1st Place – Tom Watson (MN): Back Country Back Up/ Defending Your Life & Property


Best of Magazine / Boating & Boating Safety
3rd Place – Jason Houser (IL): Staying Safe In Your Canoe
2nd Place – Cory Yarmuth (IL): Protect Yourself On and Off the Water
1st Place –  Bill Antonides (SD): Freedom’s Just Another Word


Best of Magazine / Travel, RV & Camping
3rd Place – Barb Carey (WI): The Fishing Bucket List
2nd Place – Barbara Gibbs Ostmann (MO): Peaceful Retreat
1st Place – Bill Hilts Jr. (NY): Take It Outdoors In Niagara USA


Best of Newspaper / Fishing
3rd Place – Bobby Whitehead (MO): Two Souls, One Spirit
2nd Place – Dan Small (WI): Putting some Green back into Green Bay
1st Place – Bill Hilts, Jr. (NY): Atlantic Salmon Restoration Still an Upstream Swim


Best of Newspaper / Hunting
3rd Place – Jason Houser (IL): Bow Hunting Small Game
2nd Place – Kenneth Kieser (MO): Ducks of the Sioux Reservation
1st Place – Bob Groene (IL): Two Birds With One Stone Can Get You Into Trouble


Best of Newspaper / Open
3rd Place – Angelo Peluso (NY): Snowy Owls from the Artic to New York
2nd Place – Dan Stefanich (IL): For Illinois High Schools, the Future of Fishing is Here
1st Place – Dan Small (WI): Mostly Peaceful Coexistence


Best of Newspaper / Boating & Boating Safety
3rd Place – Darrell Taylor (MO): Adventures in Towing a Boat
2nd Place – Steven Griffin (MI): Five Hours on a Kayak Tell Quite a Story
1st Place – Darrell Taylor (MO): My Biggest Fear


Best of Newspaper / Travel, RV & Camping
3rd Place – Dan Stefanich (IL): Labette County Kansas offers a Sportsman’s Adventure
2nd Place – Barbara Gibbs Ostman (MO): Journey to Fitness
1st Place – Bill Hilts, Jr. (NY): 1000 Isles; steeped in tradition, but with a modern flavor


Best of Newspaper / Best Outdoor Page
1st Place – Bill Hilts, Jr. (NY): Kayaking Gaining Momentum


Best of Photography / Fishing
3rd Place –  Bill Hilts Jr. (NY): First Salmon
2nd Place – Dan Stefanich (IL): Timing is Everything
1st Place – Dan Stefanich (IL): Eye Candy


Best of Photography / Hunting
3rd Place – Terry Frey (WI): Anticipation
2nd Place – Wally Banfi (WI): Get Those Dogs Outdoor and Get Some Exercise
1st Place – Carrie Zylka (WI): DIY Solo South Dakota Mule Deer Hunt


Best of Photography / Outdoor Recreation
3rd Place – Terry Frey (WI): The Ice Roads
2nd Place – Mark LaBarbera (WI): Happy Scout at Camp Long Lake Range
1st Place – Gary N-ski (WI): Pulling in Summer


Best of Photography / Outdoor Scenic
3rd Place – Jason Houser (IL): Foggy Morning
2nd Place – Dan Stefanich (IL): Northwest Angle Sunset
1st Place – Gary N-ski (WI): Cobweb Horse


Best of Photography / Black & White
3rd Place – Wally Banfi (WI): Hey Something’s Fishy
2nd Place – Gary N-ski (WI): Little Girl and Gray Wolf
1st Place – Terry Frey (WI): Last Covered Bridge


Best Book
3rd Place – Lew Freedman (IN): Iditarod Adventures
2nd Place – Angelo Peluso (NY): Mount Misery
1st Place – Lew Freedman (IN): Cody Rodeo, The Mystique of Bill Cody


Best of Show for Excellence in Writing or Electronic Media
Dan Small (WI): Mostly Peaceful Coexistence


Best of Show/Pete Czura Award for Excellence in Photography
Gary N-ski (WI): Cobweb Horse


Excellence in Industry / Public Relations

Howard Communications (MO): Howard Communications Online Photo Library
2015 marks the third consecutive year that Chevrolet has provided sole sponsorship for AGLOW’s Awards-In-Craft Competition.  “Chevrolet is the Most Awarded Car Company of 2015, and the 2015 Chevy Silverado was the Highest Ranked Large Light Duty Pickup in Initial Quality according to JD Power and Associates,” says AGLOW Executive Director, Josh Lantz.  “AGLOW is pleased that Chevrolet and General Motors are helping us recognize excellence within our own field of outdoor communications.”

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    These awards are well deserved and I’m glad to see you getting the recognition you deserve.

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