7 Reasons I Love Camping In the Fall

I love fall camping. Everything about it and once Labor Day hits and hunting season gets here I am in seventh heaven.

And here are my top seven reasons why…

1. Solitude.

The kids have headed back to school; sports have begun eating up all available weekends. The weather is cooling off, and people are obsessed with hunting and football. Which means less people in the campground with you! There is nothing better than having a huge state park campground all to yourself.

Perhaps you are a bit anti-social and tend to avoid large crowds, camping in the fall can provide you the advantage of avoiding noisy campsite neighbors, obnoxious children and barking dogs.

2. Wildlife is More Active.

With the breeding season getting underway, animals are likely to move about more, especially during peak rut time. If you’re not into hunting then this might be the perfect time to visit the parks that do not allow hunting on them. Or better yet – visit the ones that do (just make sure to wear blaze orange for safety) as the hunting pressure will cause animals to move more as well.

Additionally, most animals are gearing up for the long winter, squirrels for example become more active at this time as they desperately search for nuts to ensure their tree pantry is full for the onslaught of cold hits.

3. Fall Colors

Of course the best reason to camp in the fall is you are surrounded by the brilliant tapestry Mother Nature has created for you. The leaves are turning and everything seems brighter. It’s the perfect time for hiking and photography.

4. Weather is cooler and that means NO SWEATING!

I hate camping in August, it’s hot and humid and sticky and sweaty and I get crabby and tired easier and crabby and did I mention crabby? The cooler weather means I can be more active without immediately breaking into a sweat. I can enjoy hiking and sightseeing more because I don’t have to lug around a gallon of water with me. And for me personally; the cooler weather tends to invigorate me, it wakes me up and gets the blood moving, it makes me want to go for a long hike!

7 Reasons to Go Camping In the Fall Better Sleeping Temps
5. Better Sleeping Temps

The human body tends to sleep better in cooler temps than warmer ones. Being able to fall into deep sleep is essential to waking up feeling refreshed and recovered.

Have you ever woken in the middle of the night to turn your pillow over so you can rest your head against the cooler side? Is that not the best feeling in the world allowing you to fall back to sleep quickly?

Think about the hibernating bear. The bear seeks out a cave – dark, quiet and cool. Your sleeping space should follow this example for the best night’s sleep. I sleep like a baby in September or October compared to July or August when everything feels damp from humidity and the back of my neck is sweaty. I happen to be one of those people blessed with a warmer core; it takes longer to cool down.

In the fall when outside temps dip down, the inside of your tent/camper will fall also; hopefully into that perfect 60-67 degree sleeping range.

6. Less Allergies

While many people are allergic to Ragweed, most of us with spring allergies will enjoy the fall. Less pollen and blooming and lovely sinus irritating material in the air!

7. Less Bugs

Cooler weather brings its own set of entomological check boxes in the “pro” column. Cooler weather means less daylight hours which means less bugs, no more pesky no see ums or mosquitoes. Many insects begin their migration south while others are already burrowing into the ground or trees to find that one spot that will provide safe hibernation.

So there you have it. Those are my top 7 reasons to put up that tent in the fall season. Did I miss any? What is your biggest reason for camping in the fall?

3 thoughts on “7 Reasons I Love Camping In the Fall

  1. I love camping in the fall, there’s nothing better than waking up to a cool brisk morning!

  2. Great article Carrie, I always have a hard time sleeping in the summer. I’ll have to try camping later in the year.

  3. Crisp fall air raises the smoke from the evening fire- less bugs is # 2 for me- Less sweating is #1- love fall camping! great article Carrie!

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