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What’s In Your Bow Case? What if?

What’s In Your Bow Case 001With Archery Season around the corner and many indoor leagues starting soon, it’s easy to get caught up with excitement and anticipation.  My original idea for this blog post was to break down archery equipment to the basics and how to maintain, adjust and repair.  As I started to write, I thought lets go open my bow case and take an inventory of what I carry with me?  Wow is all I can say, I didn’t think I had jammed that much stuff into that single case!  Do I really need all of it?  Heck yes!  What if’s start to run through my mind.  Like what if I am at the club shooting and my sight bar comes loose?  What if my serving comes undone?  What if my peep turns? What if I forget my finger tab?  PANICK sets in.  Relax Jay, you’re a pack rat and you know it, just keep telling yourself you need it all.  Better to have than not to have. Continue reading What’s In Your Bow Case? What if?