5 Deer Hunting Food Plot Myths De-Bunked

Jim Willes 5 Deer Hunting Food Plot Myths De-Bunked

It’s springtime across this wonderful country, and it feels like deer hunting is a distant thought for many. But guess what? I’ve found a way to bring it closer – I’m a 365-days-a-year deer hunter! Well, they only let me carry a weapon during the fall months, but that doesn’t stop me from keeping the spirit alive all year round.

While some folks stick to hunting seasons, I never let my season end. There’s a lot you can do during the off-season to up your chances of bagging that buck of a lifetime. I run trail cameras year-round, not just during hunting season. In January, I check out what bucks made it through the year, learning more about the deer on my property and where they hang out at different times.

Spring is perfect for clearing shooting lanes, giving deer plenty of time to get used to the new look before hunting season rolls around. But what I look forward to the most in my spring whitetail madness? Food plots.

Now, I hear you – “I don’t have enough land,” “It costs too much,” “I’ve tried it, and it never worked.” Let me break down these myths for you.

“I Do Not Have Enough Land”

You don’t need a massive field; even 10 acres can become a deer haven. Micro plots or “kill plots” work wonders. Just clear a small area near your stand location, plant it, and watch the magic happen. A 20×20-foot circle is enough to attract deer and increase your odds.

“It Costs Too Much”

Sure, it’s an investment, but you can keep it affordable. Skip the pricey seed blends and research what you need. Take your blend recipe to a grain mill for more cost-effective options. Premium seed blends may be bred for food plots, but co-ops and seed mills have similar seeds at a fraction of the cost.

“I Have Tried It And It Never Worked”

Before giving up, ask yourself why it didn’t work. Test your soil – pH testers, NPK test kits, and soil thermometers can provide crucial information. And, if you think it failed, use deer exclusion cages to see if the deer enjoyed it without you knowing.

“It’s Too Much Work”

Yes, it can be labor-intensive, but you don’t need a huge plot. Clear a sunny spot in the woods, spray for weeds, and sow your seeds. The effort you put in directly impacts the outcome.

“It Will Ruin My Land”

No kidding, right? A small food plot won’t ruin your land; it’ll enhance it. You may even get a better price if you ever decide to sell your hunting land. Also, feeding deer corn? Bad idea. Grow nutritious plants for them, and you’ll see healthier deer and more backstraps.

So, if you want to keep the deer season vibes alive, try your hand at food plots. It’s fun, easy, and the payoff could be huge! Grab your rake and machete – let’s kick off your 2024 deer season today! Good luck, everyone!

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