#HuntFishTravel 134 – Using Scent Lures to Predator Hunt

“#HuntFishTravel 134 – Montana – Using Scent Lures to Predator Hunt”

Esai Cervantez a 27 year old entrepreneur joins me to chat about using scents to lure in predators, especially coyotes and why Montana is THE perfect place to test his products.

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Find more about the products here: PredaturLures.com
On Twitter: @oldcys

  • 1:25 Introduction to Old Cy’s Outdoor Performance Products
  • 3:30 Super-secret fact
  • 4:45 Why you should consider Montana
  • 6:45 public or outfitter for predator hunting?
  • 8:00 What time of day/night to hunt predators
  • 8:45 Luring predators with scents
  • 10:15 is using a lure baiting?
  • 11:00 Where should I set up?
  • 13:00 What time of year to use which lure: visual, scent or sound
  • 14:30 Non Resident License Prices
  • 16:00 #1 Tip for a new predator hunter
  • 16:45 Crazy story
  • 18:30 How the local universities have supported the scent lure research.