5 Great Bow Hunting Tips That You Need To Know About For A Successful Rainy Day Deer Hunt

Hunting during the rainy season can be a fun endeavor. Despite the fact that during rainy days the terrain is usually slippery and muddy, it is surely something you should try. The fun and the thrill that comes out of it are usually priceless. The way lovers find kissing in the rain magical is simply the same magical feeling that comes with deer hunting in the rain. 

You should know that deer hunting using bows and arrows is often a hurdle for many hunters, but the beauty in all this is that they gradually learn to enjoy it. Deer hunting using a bow is not only about mastering the art of archery but also acquiring the skills and tricks that most hunters take for granted. Therefore, before you head out into the woods to catch yourself a deer, below are a couple of bow hunting tips on the things you must have and do for a successful rainy day hunt;

  1. Choose the right Hunting Apparel

One thing that differentiates experts from novice hunters is the fact that the experts often consider everything from clothing, weather patterns, to hunting equipment. When going for a rainy day hunt, always make sure you wear light clothing that will protect you from the chilly weather or getting wet. Also, do not forget to find the best rubber hunting boots to help you traverse the muddy forest like a 4×4 offroader. Of course, it goes without saying that your deer hunting apparel needs to be camouflaging. Going on a hunt with brightly colored clothes is as clever as hiding an elephant in the middle of squirrels… It just won’t WORK!

  1. Have the Right Equipment!

Another thing to consider is the criticality of the bow hunting equipment you choose to carry. Most novice hunters often have many wrong ideas about how to pick the right equipment. One of these bad ideas is the fact that most of them usually assume that using a heavier and more powerful bow makes them pros. In bow hunting, that’s no way to choose a deer hunting bow. All you need is a well-placed shot, something that a 40-pound hunting bow can provide.

  1. Learn how to pick a Bow that Suits You.

To have a successful hunt, then you have to choose a bow that feels comfortable in hand and easy to handle or use. In simpler terms, the bow should be well-balanced, sturdy, perfect in terms of weight and pull. For men, the pull should range between 50 to 60 pounds while women can comfortably hunt with bows that range between 40 to 45 pounds of pull. These ranges guarantee that you will be able to pull the string without laboring too much. That’s the only way you get to make accurate and relaxed shots.

  1. Perfect your Archery Skills Before Going For The Hunt.

Hunting deer on a rainy day is fun, but it also needs a lot of skill and precision. Remember that the weather may get foggy and blurry. That’s why everything about your shot must be top-notch. From the angling to the amount of pull you exert, the measurements must be definite. Aiming at a target is relatively easy, but making a kill shot can be an uphill climb for inexperienced bow hunters especially under extreme weather conditions. For a definite kill, you should always aim for the heart and lung area; somewhere behind the front leg or broadside. Sometimes it is also advisable to aim a little lower to compensate for the deer’s dropping reaction after the sound of the release.

  1. Remember That The Shooting Distance Is Also Critical.

A majority of bow hunters often take their shots 15 to 20 yards away from the deer. This is an acceptable range because the deer won’t see or smell you easily. Also, it’s close enough to make a kill shot. This means that you should practice making accurate shots at a range of 15-20 yards, with targets as big as the heart and lung area of a deer.

Always bear in mind that during a deer hunt, the chances of getting more than one shot are very slim. That’s why you should make sure that you are physical, mentally and emotionally prepared for that one shot. Always strive to make that one magical shot count. If you arm with these simple bow hunting tips, the right equipment, the right apparel and the best rubber hunting boots to help you to trudge through the mud easily, then your deer hunting experience is bound to be worthwhile and fruitful!

Author Bio

Kevin Steffey is an avid hunter and freelance writer, the founder of Deer Hunting Field. He loves spending time in the field with his rifle more than almost anything else. He also occupies his off-time discussing deer and their habits online. But more than anything, he wants to teach and educate about hunting …

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