Wisconsin Turkey Zone 1 – Thursday

For whatever reason the week leading up to my first turkey period was incredibly stressful.  Trying to get everything done that needed to get done so we could leave from work on Thursday without wondering what I forgot to do seemed like an impossibility.  The woods were calling me and I felt so unorganized and anxious.

Finally at about 11:30 pm on Wednesday I was able to get to sleep.  One thing after another seemed to go wrong. And the cherry on top?  My husband noticed while we were loading up that my truck was leaking radiator fluid.

Thursday – stressed at work, hoping that the leak is just a hose or a clamp and not a cracked radiator. The last thing I want to do is drive 4 hours due west clear to the other side of the state and have my radiator pick that exact moment to go on me.  My truck is a 2003 Ford Explorer with 155,000 miles on her, she’s been extremely good to me so I can’t complain.  I’ve only had to fix a few things, normal stuff like the alternator or a ball bearing.

The Plan: take it to Fast Track after work and see if they can isolate the leak, if it’s something simple they can fix it and tonight we’ll get to where we’re going a little bit late.

Worst Case Scenario: it’s a major fix and I take it to Richfield Service Center and have them fix it at 6am and Friday we get to where we’re going even a little bit later.  We’ll lose the morning but that just means no lolly gagging – hit it hard and hit it fast.

Oh well, my philosophy?  Roll with the punches cuz it makes for better blog entries…  😉

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