#HuntFishTravel 171 – Hunting the Rut – Your Questions Answered with Kip Adams of the QDMA

What are the top three questions people ask Wildlife Biologist Kip Adams of the Quality Deer Management Association about hunting the rut? Listen in to find out!

#HuntFishTravel 037 – Antler Restrictions Quarterly QDMA Report

In this episode we’ll be talking with Kip Adams about the Michigan antler restriction proposal and the pros and cons of antler restrictions across the board.

#HuntFishTravel 026 – What is QDM?

In this episode we’ll be talking about the CT shooting, a Christmas hiatus, and how you can be a part of the New Years eve episode. This week’s Guest Spot is Kip Adams Certified Wildlife Biologist and Director of Education and Outreach for the Quality Deer Management Association.

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