#HuntFishTravel Ep 212 – Hunting Sika Deer in Ireland

Hunt FIsh Travel Podcast 213 - Hunting Sika Deer in Ireland

Episode 212 – Hunting Sika Deer in Ireland

Tommy from Tommy’s Outdoor’s joins us to share some background knowledge on the species and the environment they live in.

We chat about hunting regulations and how bowhunting is not even allowed in most European countries.

Sika deer were introduced into Ireland in 1860 by Lord Powerscourt.

Listen in to learn about public land in Ireland, herd management, and hybridization.



I have so many fabulous photos to share, but this one seemed relevant to the podcast episode.


At the junction with Green Rd as you cross the river just south of the Glendalough monastic site is the Deer Stone, set in the middle of a group of rocks. Legend claims that when St Kevin needed milk for two orphaned babies, a doe stood here waiting to be milked.

While visit Glendalough in we stopped at Glendalough Monastery, amid the cemetery stones a Red deer came down for some lunch.

Red Deer at Glendalough Monastery Ireland

Our guide said it was incredibly rare to see any deer around the monastery as they receive over a million visitors each year.

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