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Sighting in Your Compound Bow the Easier Way

We’ve all been in the situation of having to sight in a bow with a brand new sight on it. It can prove to be frustrating and time consuming. The main reason for this is most people approach it the wrong way. I, myself, have spent a lot of time running down range to retrieve my shotgun pattern of arrows wondering which were the bad shots and which were good. Arrows can be lost just trying to “get on paper”. Here is an easier, less frustrating method that hopefully will get you on the target with your first shot and sighted in quickly. Read More

Compound Bow Shot Sequence

When it comes to archery, as in any sport, consistency is the key. We must learn to execute a shot in the exact same manner time and time again. We have to think of ourselves as machines.

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A machine, when programmed and running correctly, will perform a task the exact same way over and over. We need to program ourselves to shoot a bow that way. To do that, we need a well thought out and WRITTEN OUT shot sequence. Read More


When I emailed Carrie Z my title for this month’s article, I hated it the second I hit send. I knew that, once I started writing, it would turn into 7 KEYS TO SHOOT BETTER NOW, OR 8 KEYS OR 9 KEYS, ETC, ETC, ETC. There are just too many variables to shooting a bow properly to narrow them down to a certain number. But we have to start somewhere and I think these 5 will get us well on our way to better shooting. Read More

Finding the Correct Draw Length for Your Compound Bow

When it comes to shooting your bow to the very best of your ability, it’s critical to find your correct draw length.  So many people walk into an archery shop, spread their “wings” out over a ruler on the wall and have it declared, for example, “YOUR DRAW LENGTH IS 28.5”.  A bow in that draw range is selected off the wall, adjusted to the declared draw length and, more times than not, it appears to fit the person perfectly.  I know this because I’ve done it over and over myself while working in an archery shop during the silly season of July and August.  Read More

Now’s the Time for a New (Almost New) Bow

If you’ve wanted to upgrade your bow for a while, now is a great time to do it! The new bows are out and last years bows are being sold for up to half their original price.

The bow companies’ business year is basically November to November. Each year from October through the trade shows in January, the new bow lines are being released. If you are looking for the latest, greatest, new car smelling bow, they are there for your fondling. If the price new bows have soared to lately, give you sticker shock, last years models are out there as well. Read More

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