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AGLOW 2022

250K US shows released content in the last 30 days.

How much can you make in ad placed revenue.

2B was spent in 2021 on ad revenue.

2 billion divided by 250K shows = $8K per year. – 30% ad fees = 5K/year.


July 1 – August 15 shows that produced content:

Median show downloads = 165 downloads total in 45 days.

Averaging all shows (minus the shows that have >3 downloads) = 1613 total in 45 days.

  • 165+ downloads in 30 days = better than 50% of all shows
  • 1300+ downloads in 30 days = better than 80% of all shows
  • 3800+ downloads in 30 days = better than 90% of all shows
  • 8500+ downloads in 30 days = better than 95% of all shows
  • 21,000+ downloads in 30 days = better than 98% of all shows
  • 36,000+ downloads in 30 days = better than 99% of all shows
  • Transcripts drive SEO (
  • Shownotes – use date stamps
  • Headliner (Libsyn’s teaser creator)
  • Newsletters – send out a newsletter with links
  • tease your show ahead of time
  • ask your guests to refer people that might make good interviews (great sponsor roi)
  • Use Pretty Links


Spotify 7% per week of listened hours are podcasts

YouTube = 1 view equals 1,000 downloads by Apple Podcasts (


When working with resources be VERY specific about when you’ll be posting/sharing your work.

Follow up with easy copy/paste verbiage with links to your guests.



Subscriber Counts

it is not currently possible to accurately determine how many subscribers a show has. This is because most podcast players, apps, and directories either do not track subscribers or they don’t report those numbers.


Best Time to publish an episode



You’re at the top of the feed right away for that morning commute

  • Monday or Tuesday – informational or motivational show
  • Wednesday or Thursday – more fun, round tables, stories etc



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