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How to Catch Snapping Turtles in Wisconsin

Hello outdoors world! Welcome back for the next installment of “The Willes Way”! Thank you for stopping by and giving it a read. In this blog, I will be talking about one of my all time favorite summer past times.

Imagine this. The sun sets as you sit on the shores of a 48 acre lake in the forest of northern Wisconsin. The sky is a stunning shade of red and the water is like glass, providing a perfect canvas for the reflection of the sky and trees. As the light dwindles more and more, you realize that you can no longer see in the water, and all the bluegill that where seemingly stack up in the water in front of you, now seem to be in hiding. The sky goes black. You fire up your flashlight that you have in you front pocket and shine it in the direction of the water. And then you see it! This large menacing creature slowly pulls itself along the sand bottom in search of its next meal. The call rings out to the others in camp and everyone comes running to see it. “TURTLE!” The shouts are heard by all in the vicinity. Now comes the time of reckoning. What do you do? Do you watch it? Do you try and catch it? The choice is all yours of course. So what are you going to do?

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