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#HuntFishTravel 108 – Hunting Antelope in Africa

#HuntFishTravel 108 – Hunting Antelope in Africa

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Willem Frost of Matlabas Game Hunters and I have a serious discussion on Antelope biology, and why they are different than Pronghorn.

We talk about poaching and why anti-hunting groups actually promote poaching without realizing it.

10 Tips for choosing an African Outfitter and some in depth hunting tactics for hunting antelope.
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#HuntFishTravel 41 – Bowhunting Africa

In this episode we’ll be talking about the launch of my second podcast – The Business Side to the Outdoor Industry, Duck Dynasty’s season finale, and then we’ll talk to Alex Sokolik about hunting Africa with a bow. Continue reading #HuntFishTravel 41 – Bowhunting Africa

#HuntFishTravel 017 – Hunting Africa

In this episode we’ll be talking about, Scent Lok and Frivolous lawsuits, a Wisconsin hunter’s near miss with his contender for the world record buck, a ton of October contests where you can win over a thousand dollars’ worth of giveaways and we’ll talk to Britney Starr about heading to the #1 mentioned dream hunt destination in the world. Continue reading #HuntFishTravel 017 – Hunting Africa