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Chanterelle Mushrooms: Gold on the Forest Floor

Chanterelle Mushrooms 01There’s gold lurking in the late summer forest and woodlands; and it’s in the form of fabulous flushes of chanterelle mushrooms. These gorgeous golden treats flush and flourish best during the warm wet days of late summer.

Chanterelles, often called chanties, go hand in hand with squirrel season in many areas. Many a squirrel hunter has returned home not only with a nice bundle of bushy tails for the roaster, but also a bag of these bright yellow, delicate mushrooms that complement the wild game that’s available this time of year. Mother Nature does a great job of providing us with just the right mushroom for whatever game or fish is being harvested at that particular time, and chanterelles are no exception.  Not only do chanterelles pair well with eggs, fish, chicken, and pork; they are equally well suited to doves, squirrel, and early season teal.  Their delicate flavor however, is often overpowered by darker, heavier, red meats. Continue reading Chanterelle Mushrooms: Gold on the Forest Floor