Gear Review: Fishing Baitz – Bass Worms & Pro Series Lizards

Gear Review Fishing Baitz Bass Worms & Pro Series Lizards 001Recently I arrived home from work to a parcel full of soft plastic baits from Fishing Baitz.  There was a mix of colours from watermelon, red flak, June bug to salt n pepper just to name a few.  The first package consisted of 6“ Bass worms and the second package 6“ Pro Series Lizards.  Both packages are extremely well package which is important to any soft plastic fisherman, no one likes leaking oils sliming up and bleeding through into their other baits.  These baits are poured extremely well; there is no extra flashing anywhere on the bodies or tails.  Even colour mixing and transition from body to tail.  Great glitter and shine throughout.  The Pro Series Lizards have long action legs none of which rip off easily and supply extreme action in the water. Read More