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Weight a Minute: A Look at Traditional Draw Weight

Now that you are interested in hunting with a traditional bow, it is time to consider draw weight and the absence of let-off, which I feel is the compound’s greatest advantage. Traditional bows do not assist you once fully drawn. Holding an 80lb longbow at full draw is monumentally tougher than an 80lb compound with […]

Warming Up, Exercises and Training for Archery

Archery appears to be a low impact sport where injuries are not common.  One can walk up and down the shooting line at any club or event and think most archers could use a diet.  I am going to go out on a limb here and ask you some questions.  How many of you have […]

Gear Review: Fuse Mossy Oak Micro USB Car Charger

Imagine a scenario where you have been sitting in a treestand for somewhere between 3 and 10 hours and you played on your smartphone enough that the battery is dead.  Your hunt is over for the day but you need to call your wife to let her know that you are on your way home.  […]

Finding the Correct Draw Length for Your Compound Bow

When it comes to shooting your bow to the very best of your ability, it’s critical to find your correct draw length.  So many people walk into an archery shop, spread their “wings” out over a ruler on the wall and have it declared, for example, “YOUR DRAW LENGTH IS 28.5”.  A bow in that […]

Destination Review: Haven by the Falls, Mercer, Wisconsin

Recently I stayed at Haven by the Falls in Mercer, Wisconsin. The local area is heavily wooded and the privately located side by side duplex sits on the water near the small falls. If you are into hunting, fishing or anything outside it can be done from this centrally located property. The parking outside has […]

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