Fly Fishing in the Bahamas

Recently I came across a press release for a company out of Montana that specializes in fly fishing adventures and I was somewhat intrigued, mostly because I do enjoy fly fishing and because I love to travel. I became much more excited when I saw they offered trips to the Bahamas. I’ve been pestering Zach about going to the Bahamas for a few years now. It’s been a couple of years since we’ve taken a trip and I’ve been trying to entice him with thoughts of sunny islands in the Caribbean.

Now, my husband would certainly NOT be interested in spending a whole week fishing in the Bahamas, his idea of a vacation is sitting on the beach sipping Mai Tai’s and snoozing in the sun. And don’t get me wrong, I whole heartedly agree – vacations are for relaxing, but while I enjoy working on my tan as much as the next person, I also enjoy a bit of adventure. Just recently I mentioned to him that I think night time shark fishing in Oahu on the Maggie-Joe sounds like a whole lot of fun. He declined to comment.

Our vacations together usually entail a lot of beach time, drinking and sight-seeing. And every time I’ve mentioned deep sea fishing it’s been a no go.

But to be fair, over the last few years my husband has become moreand more of an expert fisherman so I think he honestly might enjoy trying a different style of fishing (ok, maybe not shark fishing in the middle of the night but a girl can dream can’t she?).

So while tooling around the Yellow Dog Fly Fishing website, and really just being nosey, my mouse gravitated to the “Couples” tab.

The website boasted: “At Yellow Dog Flyfishing, we appreciate how tough it can be for many anglers to balance their annual fishing trip with the vacation demands of the family or a significant other. In fact, we literally plan hundreds of these types of trips each season. (Trust us …. you can have a successful family or “sweetheart” trip while also enjoying some GREAT fishing!)

The lodges and operations listed below offer very legitimate fishing opportunities while at the same time catering to non-anglers and family members. For more information or for help in planning your next “fishing-family-spouse-multi-activity vacation” please contact Yellow Dog.

I think my eyes got wide and I thought to myself “Huh – well now, let’s just see where they offer these vacations…” Immediately the very first destination made my heart skip a beat. This website offered a few options I promised myself I’d keep in my back pocket.

Kamalame Cay Resort (Andros Island, Bahamas)

If you are looking for a private Caribbean island adventure accompanied by world-class accommodations, Kamalame Cay has it all. Amenities include postcard-perfect beaches, a heated freshwater swimming pool, first-class dining, a wonderful selection of wines, and the finest day spa in the Bahamas. Activities include spectacular snorkeling and diving, guided land and water adventures, tranquil beaches, and – of course – world-renowned bonefishing.

Stella Maris Resort (Long Island, Bahamas)

This beautiful ocean-front resort offers a wide range of tropical vacation accommodations, superb beaches, and numerous water activities. Three hotel pools dot the manicured grounds, as do seven hidden beach coves, all nestled into a splendid panorama of tropical foliage and dramatic shorelines. Long Island is peaceful, uncrowded, and hardly touched by modern tourism.

While an expensive vacation this year is not in the cards, (that’ll be in September of 2013!) the Bahamas can offer a relatively inexpensive getaway, the flights are cheap, you can rent a house on the beach for about $600 for the week and for me it’ll be somewhere I’ve never been.

Perhaps, maybe, possibly, perchance…I’ll convince him to go and I’ll be able to wet a line while I’m there!!

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2 thoughts on “Fly Fishing in the Bahamas”

  1. I’ve always wanted to go fly fishing somewhere exotic. I hope you get to go shark fishing next year carrie.

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