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Destination Review: Cabin on the Creek, Fremont, Wisconsin

Recently we had the privilege of staying at wonderful Cabin on the Creek in Fremont, Wisconsin.

This cabin was amazing and the proximity to Lake Poygan makes it the perfect lodging for fishermen, hikers, snowmobilers, or general outdoorsy folks.

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#HuntFishTravel 043 – South Dakota Merriams AGLOW Mega Media Cast and Blast

In this episode we’ll have an interview recorded before I left for SD with Lee Harstad from the Deadwood Chamber of Commerce and Nort Johnson from the Black Hills, Badlands & Lakes Assn who will tell me what I should expect from the upcoming trip.  Then we’ll get the low down from various participants on what actually happened…..

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#HuntFishTravel 042 – Types of Turkey Calls

I’m in South Dakota chasing Merriams so in this episode we’ll be talking to Jerry Wilson owner of Wilson Game Calls about the different types of turkey calls.  And that is all…. Read More

Wisconsin Turkey Zone 1 – Thursday

For whatever reason the week leading up to my first turkey period was incredibly stressful.  Trying to get everything done that needed to get done so we could leave from work on Thursday without wondering what I forgot to do seemed like an impossibility.  The woods were calling me and I felt so unorganized and anxious.

Finally at about 11:30 pm on Wednesday I was able to get to sleep.  One thing after another seemed to go wrong. And the cherry on top?  My husband noticed while we were loading up that my truck was leaking radiator fluid. Read More

#HuntFishTravel 41 – Bowhunting Africa

In this episode we’ll be talking about the launch of my second podcast – The Business Side to the Outdoor Industry, Duck Dynasty’s season finale, and then we’ll talk to Alex Sokolik about hunting Africa with a bow. Read More

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