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Gear Review: Slumper Seats

Slumper Seats Saved My Ass – Literally.

A few weeks ago I enjoyed a week with my gal pals from out of state.  During that week of hunting, I found out much to my great chagrin that a tree stand was just not for me.

Not knowing what to do, and not wanting to sit on the rain soaked ground for a week, Slumper Seats came to my rescue.

Actually; Slumper Seats came to OUR rescue as Thelissa from Utah used one as well, she raved about how comfortable it was after the first day and it was nice to have a second opinion for my review.

Sitting on a rocky outcropping or at the base of a tree with nothing between your butt and the cold earth but your pants – kinda sucks.  You can feel the earth beneath you leeching the warmth from your body and if it’s been raining, you’ll inevitably end up with a wet, muddy splotch right about where your pockets are.

Slumper Seats are made right here in Wisconsin, this American made company takes pride in choosing high quality material for its various models.  Read More

Outdoor Survival – a Rule of Threes

My hunting buddy and I scouted this area months before, it looks a bit different in the fall without any leaves as when it did in the summer, all lush and green.

We part ways at o dark thirty and I make my way along a logging road to the spot I’d picked out.

I’ve been sitting for hours. There is still a lot of afternoons left but I’m hungry and it’s well past lunchtime.

A few hours after first light I’d decided to sit a bit further upwind. I’d left my spot and made my way deeper into the woods. Taking note of landmarks as I’d forgotten my compass in the truck. Read More

#HuntFishTravel 017 – Hunting Africa

In this episode we’ll be talking about, Scent Lok and Frivolous lawsuits, a Wisconsin hunter’s near miss with his contender for the world record buck, a ton of October contests where you can win over a thousand dollars’ worth of giveaways and we’ll talk to Britney Starr about heading to the #1 mentioned dream hunt destination in the world. Read More

Sporting Clays Classic at Milford Hills Hunt Club to Benefit the Boy Scouts of America
Sporting Clays Classic at Milford Hills Hunt Club to Benefit the Boy Scouts of America

When I received the invitation to participate in the Sporting Clays Classic at Milford Hills Hunt Club to benefit the Boy Scouts of America, I was pretty excited.

I’d never really participated in a shooting clays event before and was eager to give it a shot.

I picked up a co-worker from a Park N Ride, we arrived at Milford Hills promptly at 11am.  We registered with the volunteers and waited for the rest of our team to get there.

My employer’s benefit administrator was a Star Sponsor and Benefit Services Group had graciously extended the invitation to us.  Putting a face to an email address was great and Melanie and I were very e

xcited to have been included.

Milford Hills Hunt Club was where “Campfire Segment” I was in for the Deer Hunt 2011 with Dan Small was filmed.  That was a fun experience and seeing the huge stone fireplace dominating the main hall brought back memories. Read More

#HuntFishTravel 009 – Outdoor Tradeshows

In this episode we’ll be talking about a clothing line by the son of the famous Glock founder, an ICast debut, and some seriously awesome maritime GPS software.

We’ll discuss SHOT Show kicking ass and taking names and this week’s Guest Spot is written by Fred Mastison, President of Force Options. Read More

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