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Sporting Clays Classic at Milford Hills Hunt Club to Benefit the Boy Scouts of America
Sporting Clays Classic at Milford Hills Hunt Club to Benefit the Boy Scouts of America

When I received the invitation to participate in the Sporting Clays Classic at Milford Hills Hunt Club to benefit the Boy Scouts of America, I was pretty excited.

I’d never really participated in a shooting clays event before and was eager to give it a shot.

I picked up a co-worker from a Park N Ride, we arrived at Milford Hills promptly at 11am.  We registered with the volunteers and waited for the rest of our team to get there.

My employer’s benefit administrator was a Star Sponsor and Benefit Services Group had graciously extended the invitation to us.  Putting a face to an email address was great and Melanie and I were very e

xcited to have been included.

Milford Hills Hunt Club was where “Campfire Segment” I was in for the Deer Hunt 2011 with Dan Small was filmed.  That was a fun experience and seeing the huge stone fireplace dominating the main hall brought back memories. Read More

#HuntFishTravel 009 – Outdoor Tradeshows

In this episode we’ll be talking about a clothing line by the son of the famous Glock founder, an ICast debut, and some seriously awesome maritime GPS software.

We’ll discuss SHOT Show kicking ass and taking names and this week’s Guest Spot is written by Fred Mastison, President of Force Options. Read More

Gear Review: Coolmax Sleep Sack

I came across the website some time ago, I was intrigued by this company that offered several handy camping and outdoor products.

A few weekends ago I had the chance to use one of the new Outgo Coolmax Sleep Sack and Sleeping Bag Liners. It certainly came in handy when the temps dipped a bit below what I find comfortable.

I am always on the lookout for products that will enhance my camping, fishing or hunting experience. After all, who actually likes to be uncomfortable when sleeping in a tent in Wisconsin? Read More

Wading 101 – 7 Tips For Safe Wading

Whether it’s trout or bass you’re chasing, here are a few tips to make your freshwater wading experience a better one.

1. Plan your route.

2. Consider if wading is necessary. Wading alerts your presence to fish – would bank fishing be possible?

3. Keep your balance. If you lean into the current and suddenly lose your balance the
Read More

Zone 2 Turkey Hunt

For almost a year now I’ve been working with the Fond du Lac Area Convention & Visitors Bureau to highlight what a great area that is.  It’s close to home, they have wonderful trout streams and great hunting availability.

When Carrie Stollenwerk offered to connect me with Loren Voss aka The Turkey Commander; I jumped at the chance!

Loren is quite the firecracker, we communicated for two weeks and settled on Saturday May 12 to see if we couldn’t bag me another turkey.

Read More

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